Tyler Perry's Shocking Revelation About His Father

Tyler Perry's startling revelation about his biological father, disclosed during a Women’s Empowerment conference.

Tyler Perry, born Emmitt Perry Jr., faced a challenging relationship with his reported abusive father, Emmitt Perry Sr.

At sixteen, he legally changed his name to Tyler, seeking distance from the painful past.

In 2020, Tyler Perry formally announces the results of a DNA test, revealing Emmitt Sr. is not his biological father.

The Tyler Perry Story," a tribute to Tyler's late mother, Willie Maxine Perry.

The documentary navigates his challenging journey from an abusive home to media magnate.

Directors Gelila Bekele and Armani Ortiz offer an intimate portrayal of Tyler Perry's life, emphasizing his resilience and determination to succeed in a challenging industry.

The documentary underscores the pivotal moment when Tyler, at thirty, realizes Emmitt Sr. isn't his biological father. Featuring Jerry Banks, Kenya Barris, and Ozzie Areu.

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