Who is Benny Blanco? Selena's Rumor Boyfriend

Benny Blanco, born Benjamin Levin, is a renowned American record producer, winning awards like the Hal David Starlight and BMI Songwriter of the Year.

Selena Gomez drops a romantic bombshell, unveiling her relationship with Benny Blanco.

Selena's mysterious Instagram post stirs speculation about her new love. A snapshot of an unidentified man ignites rumors—could it be Benny Blanco?

Facing criticism, Selena defends her romance with Benny. She affirms personal growth, self-worth, and commitment, shutting down negativity with a simple 'Facts.

Selena shares her view on dating publicly. She reveals the cliché of relationships in the celebrity bubble, emphasizing the importance of authenticity in romance.

In a 2020 interview with Zane Lowe, Selena confesses the cliché of celebrity relationships.

On December 7, 2023, Selena officially confirms her romantic link with Benny Blanco. The love symphony plays on as fans cheer for this harmonious duo

As Selena and Benny's love story unfolds, fans eagerly await the next chapter. Will this musical duo create more hits together, or is it a one-album wonder?

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